What is an ENERGY STAR qualified home?

ENERGY STAR is the identifying mark of energy-efficient products including equipment and new homes. It provides consumers an easy way to recognize energy-efficient homes that have been verified by a third party to meet ENERGY STAR performance levels.

An ENERGY STAR qualified home uses less energy than a home built to the Texas building code and actually provides you with a better lifestyle for less money! The energy savings delivered by an ENERGY STAR qualified home result in lower monthly utility bills, more favorable mortgage options, higher resale value, and a greater comfort level than a home of the same, or even higher, purchase price. Actual savings may vary.

What are the benefits of an ENERGY STAR qualified home?

Improved Comfort and Reduced Noise Tight construction and improved insulation help keep out excess heat, cold, and noise, while maintaining a consistent temperature throughout the house. Better Construction With a focus on quality you can be assured that your ENERGY STAR qualified home has been built with care and attention to detail.

Lower Maintenance Energy-efficient heating and cooling equipment Lasts longer and requires less maintenance. Energy-efficient windows reduce fading of furniture and finishes.

Third-Party Tested Participating homebuilders work with Independent energy raters to certify their homes as ENERGY STAR qualified.

Healthier Indoor Air Tight construction, coupled with increased ventilation, keeps dust, pollen, and car exhaust out so you can breathe easier.

More Mortgage Options Energy efficiency mortgages could allow you to apply the monthly energy savings of your ENERGY STAR qualified home in order to qualify for a larger loan at your current income level.

Higher Resale Value Studies show that energy-efficient homes are more highly valued in the housing market than standard homes.

Good for the Environment Almost 20% of air pollution results from energy used in homes. An ENERGY STAR qualified home uses significantly less energy than standard homes. So while you're saving money, you're also protecting the environment by keeping the air cleaner.

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