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Lakewood Village, TX Homes

Living and Playing at

Lake Lewisville

Lakewood Village has nearly 620 residents and offers unique opportunities to live on beautifully wooded acreage or experience waterfront living on the Lake Lewisville peninsula. Whether you are a young couple seeking to raise your family in a safe and secure environment with access to quality schools, or one who is seeking the comfort and enjoyment that a lakeside community offers, Lakewood Village has a home for you.


Lakewood Village was incorporated on April 26, 1977 and is exclusively zoned residential. Located on the Eldorado Parkway corridor, at the foot of the new Lake Lewisville toll bridge, Lakewood Village is centrally located between I35 and the North Dallas Tollway.


Our citizens enjoy one of the lowest tax rates in North Texas (only $0.30 per $100), which is less than one-half of the rate of our surrounding communities. Although our tax rate is low, our citizens receive the highest quality service including municipal water and sewer (no aerobic systems) as well as the benefits of full-time professional Fire and EMS services.


With approximately 180 acres of undeveloped land still remaining in Lakewood Village and over 100 undeveloped acres in the town's ETJ, the town’s future growth promises to be an exciting opportunity. The Town Leadership welcomes the development of the remaining property and is committed to ensuring that its development meet the needs, standards, and best-interests of the community.